Manava Restaurant At Sofitel The Palm, Dubai


This was the last place we got to do too for our Iftar this Ramadan 2014.


As you can tell we were super excited!!

Anyway’s we get to the Sofitel hotel the car guys were fantastic!

We got there early so I could take lots of pictures before the hungry mob will get there of the food and naturally the outside.

They had a little of everything and I mean everything!


The buffet had two types of soup that night. They had lentil or pumpkin soup that you could choose to start off your Iftar meal.


Me and Asif decided to try the lentil soup.

The soup was very creamy not like your normal broth lentil soup. If was a nice change it was slightly salty but it was a good way to start kick our Iftar for the night.


Salad Bar was huge as you can see by the images. They literally had tons of different salads you could do to continue your meal after your soup. I really enjoyed this section as if you love salad this would literally be heaven for you.

10449153_831408346884077_1483800048_a 10549766_1517923071754033_1488158979_a

Naturally with the salad bar section I am more semi adventurous then my food helper. Naturally I tried the hummus, mixed chickpeas salad, bread and cheese, and deli meats. Asif started semi light as he was planning to go crazy over the main course. He went with some fruit and Cole slaw one of his favorites. The hummus was a night blend not too sweet or salty. I would defiantly say they made some killer hummus. The cheese section they had a good amount and the bread section was fantastic!

Main course they offered load of amazing dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian. Also they did good job in mixing Arabic with Asian (Indian/pakistani) dishes.


As you can see by the pictures I took they literally offer a little of everything. The had chicken, beef, and fish dishes that we literally went crazy for as my hubby was doing the fat kid dance over the main course.

928617_1481443982098995_1476577713_a 10507987_761217650607556_1851002983_a

I literally went heavy on the kebabs and Arabic deep fried foods. I loved the chicken curry, the meat balls, and kebabs. My husband literally went crazy with the food he loved it so much he had two plates full of the food. His favorites being the kebabs, rice, and even the tikka fish they offered. If your looking for an amazing main course in the Palm area this is defiantly a place that knocks it literally out of the ball park!


Dessert section was equally impressive however we didn’t really make it as for the main course was literally too amazing.

However, we did try two desserts and they were fantastic!!!


The pink cake was amazing and I tried this lemon dessert. I was sad I couldn’t try more but I guess its worth it when you have a fantastic main course. Only a few places have been able too keep us from the dessert heaven.

So if your looking for fantastic food and service I highly recommend trying this place out as for price was its really not that bad and the food is defiantly worth it and you wont be disappointed!


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City Season Hotel Restaurant


The other night we got invited to checkout City Season Hotel Restaurant in Diera for our Iftar meal.

The night started off a little crazy as we had a hard time finding the place as the directions online was wrong and sending our navigation to the wrong place. I advise calling them before coming as for they need to update the location map.

Anyways after our issue in finding the place we finally made it which was good as we were starving after fasting for like ever or at least that is what it seemed like for us.

The place was packed!!

1596705_307410456106667_904627081_n 10584823_1517886421763958_1149079701_n

They have a decent salad section and soup section to start off your yummy meal.


We started the Iftar with the traditional lentil soup. It was semi creamy and slightly salty but hard to tell really after fasting seems all our taste buds are on high alert. However, it was yummy and a nice start to begin our feast.

Next we hit the salad section of the meal.

10520147_264300080443398_148577760_n 927385_674398712644929_33279124_n

This section I tried the hummus, vine leaves, cheese & bread, and some basic salad. The hummus had a nice blend and a semi sweet taste. The hummus was defiantly excellent and made me super happy. Nothing worse then bad hummus on a salad bar in my book. So if you like the hummus it was defiantly excellent. Asif went with a mix of salad and main course. He had the basic lettuce salad and got too excited over the chicken biryani they offered. His weakness in life is biryani to the point it can easily get confusing on who he loves more me or the biryani lol.

Main course time <3


They offer chicken biryani which was nice! This was easily my husbands favorite food dish. The biryani was defiantly good once you got into moving the rice around they had pretty big pieces of chicken.


This was beef stew and vegetables.  I am a beef stew lover so to me this was nice option to mix with my chicken biryani. The beef chucks where decent size and it contained  pinto beans. A nice different take on the stew.


Spaghetti with Tomato sauce.

This was defiantly different as they offered this pasta with a mix of about 3 different noodles. It included the normal spaghetti noodles, penne noodles, and fusilli.


Vermicelli rice

This was a nice option from the basic white rice or the biryani rice if you don’t like the taste. To us we are just a rice eating family so this was just right up in our ball park.


My favorite dish for the night was the grilled Salmon with lemon Sauce.

I am a sea food lover unlike Asif. So to me this was a good chance for me to get something different then the normal dishes I usually eat.

10369378_1443232469296065_343286905_n 10475167_1437817706506244_116197363_n

The plate on the left is mine I literally tried all the items. Asif second plate again he went straight for the biryani. So if you like biryani the place defiantly gets a pass from Asif who is like super picky when it comes to his favorite dish.

However, with every good meal comes the best part if you can make it and that’s the dessert section.

10549905_524409004354995_592604628_n 10518194_495819377219897_1934439908_n

The chocolate cakes were AMAZING!!!! Asif opted to end the meal on a slightly healthier note with staying away from the super sweet stuff. He did the fruit, jello, and some Indian desserts.

If your looking for an nice economical buffet for dinner this place is defiantly a good option. However if you are vegetarian they don’t really give you a lot of options. However, me and the hubby we are anything but vegetarian. So if your in the Diera area its worth trying out.

Happy eating!!

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Best Pak Indo Taste Restaurant International City



This is an Pakistani restaurant located in International city in the France Cluster.

They have two sections they have your bachelor hall and then you have your family section.


Family section is good if your hubby is like mine and hates me being around the labor guys. This is something you would only see here in the middle east as back home their isn’t a family section at places.


They gave us an good amount of cucumber slices during our visit.

During our visit we ordered 3 types of curry this is Asif favorite place to eat after the gym as for its pretty cheap for him and his brother.

First curry was the Aloo Goghi Fry


The potatoes are a nice quarter size. This is yummy so if your a vegetarian this would make for an excellent curry option as for the serving size is pretty decent. Normally this is a dry dish but here they make it more like a curry style which I actually prefer.

Paneer Bhaji


This is a good cheese curry. I loved the spiciness they made for us. This is probably Asif and his brother favorite out of the 3 we ordered from this place. If you love paneer aka cheese this is an excellent option as they eat this once a week outside of Ramadan.

Chicken Madrasi is the 3rd curry we ordered that day.


This is now my favorite!! This is a good BONELESS chicken curry!

I am very picky about my curry’s I hate all bone curries. I guess its mostly preference but I would prefer to enjoy to my food verses deal with the headache of biting down on a chicken bone. The spices literally jump off this dish so if you like the heat this to me is something I would recommend if you were ordering for yourself.  I am sure they can tone down the heat but to me it was perfect.

The food is good but service is kind of slow on the family side. I put it down to when we went we were the only ones on that side while the bachelor side was pretty busy.

However, due to prices this place is defiantly worth checking out. We will be back again after Ramadan as for the prices are just too cheap since in total we spent 35 AED for 3 people to eat 3 different curries and our drinks.

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Barbecue Bites Restaurant



The other night me and my family we decided to try this place out after going to the cinema. They offer an Iftar buffet that I will need to come check out very soon.

Anyways starting the meal we decided to try the chicken hot & sour soup


The soup didn’t come out too spicy but they also bring you out three sauces to mix to get it the way you like.


They give you the typical hot sauce, vinegar, and soy sauce.

I ended up adding a little of all 3 more of the hot sauce once I added the right amount the soup was pretty amazing and me and the boys were pretty happy with starting the meal off on a good foot.

Naturally we decided to try the biryani dishes as for Asif favorite meal is biryani and you can tell a lot about a Indian/Pakistani place on the quality of the biryani.

I personally ordered the Chicken tikka biryani


Love it!! The chicken was nice and moist and packed with flavor. However to me it could have used a little more heat as I am a big fan of anything spicy.

Asif and his brother Tabish ordered the regular chicken biryani which was topped with fried onions.


Both of them were pretty pleased with the quality and taste.

The chicken to them was nice and juicy and defiantly a decent biryani for the price.

For dessert we decided to order the Shahi Kheer


Absolutely loved this dessert it was an amazing way to end the dinner.

The service is a little slow but in defense we did show up kind of late since we came from a movie. However, I my hubby did notice workers coming to look at our table I guess its shocking to see a white girl with two Pakistani guys.

I just wish the wifi didn’t need an password as for the server forgot to bring which I am sure my accent was maybe confusing him as my husband had to translate for me as my hindi/urdu is still pretty weak.

But for the quality and price I do recommend trying this place out.

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Badoit Sparkling Natural Mineral Water



Do you love sparkling water?

One of the world’s finest mineral waters is Badoit it’s a light natural sparkling mineral water. This water is seen on the tables of most restaurants in France as an accompaniment to good food and wine. Here you can find it in some restaurants and in some grocery stores.

The TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is approx. 1200 mg/lt so it ranks as a High Mineral water which is good. Although there are other waters with 3000 or more, many times a big part of their TDS is sodium. The opposite end would be distilled water which leaches the human body from its store of minerals – very harmful.

Badoit has a good amount of Bicarbonate at 1300 mg/lt and it has a PH of 6 both of which are considered to aid digestion.

Drinking this water I felt extremely refreshed and makes an excellent refreshment during my Iftar.  I feel after drinking this for a week I haven’t noticed any issues with my stomach if anything I feel things are running smoother.

To me this water is AMAZING  and if your looking for a good sparkling water to drink look no further then Badoit!


So would I recommend this water? Better believe it I would recommend this water to anybody who loves sparkling!!

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Caramel Restaurant & Lounge – Abu Dhabi




Last night me and Asif got the pleasure in breaking our fast at this amazing American restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The environment literally screams romantic! You have dinner by candle light which really sets the mood.  The decor and environment is something I would recommend for the guy’s here who wish to do something amazing for their girlfriends/wife. We actually got to see an engagement last night going on it was the cutest thing ever! So needing a romantic vibe this place has it!

Anyways we started our night off by getting introduced to our server Roldan. If your wanting excellent service and someone who is happy to answer questions this is the guy to ask for while dinning here. I can not rave about how fantastic he was during our dinning experience enough or do it justice. With his recommendation we started with some excellent appetizers and some drinks.

10488619_1445637635705071_1333183018_n 10483407_273062359565868_1563214556_n

For our starter we decided to try the Caesar salad.

*Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Croutons, Creamy Caesar Dressing*

The amount of dressing was just perfect, fresh strips of Parmesan cheese, and right quantity for a nice starter. Asif and I enjoyed the salad a lot and even loved the way it was presented. It was simple yet elegant and my pictures don’t do it justice.

However, we order another appetizer that we also halved which was the Chicken Shawarma Bites.


The bites contained  Grilled Marinated Chicken, Datarin Tomato, Tzatziki Sauce. The tzatziki sauce I really enjoyed the hubby didn’t as much but anybody who loves greek food this sauce is very common. The sauce is normally a nice blend of  yogurt, cucumbers, and salt&pepper. I loved how the shawarma is displayed in a nice square shape. The bites literally remind me of sushi just in Shawarma form. The bites also were packed full with chicken as you can tell from the pictures. If you love shawarma you will defiantly love this starter.

During our appetizers we ordered some Mojito Mocktails.

10488620_289887821190350_1618225347_n 10471786_1456381407954440_207646486_n

We tried the strawberry and Pineapple mock-tails which were AMAZING!!!  My favorite was the strawberry one but if you ask Asif his was the pineapple one. These are an excellent drink for the ones who cant drink alcohol and want to have a nice fruity drink. The bartender did an fantastic job in making our drinks last night everyone we had was mixed exceptionally well so if your wanting to just stop by for a drink or even an non-alcoholic drink in this place would be amazing.


For our main course we ordered the steak dinner for two.  This comes with two sides and about 2 ounces of steak. Plenty of steak for two people as we had plenty between the two of us and some people it might feed 3-4 depending on how they eat. My family we both are food lovers so it was a good amount for the two of us.

Our first side was the tater tots


These are an excellent side to have with the steak instead of the fries! To me its almost a crime to have steak and not some potato side dish and I was raised in the south your suppose to have some potato with your steak either: french fries, mash potato, season potato, or tater tots.

The second side dish we had was Forest Mushrooms


The forest mushrooms had butter and some mixed herbs. The mushrooms were yummy had to me more of a garlic taste but I love garlic this side dish Asif probably ate 90% as he went crazy over the mushrooms. So if you love mushrooms or your partner does I would recommend this side dish for the meal of two.


With the steak meal for two you get two of their famous sauces. These sauces were fantastic!! The white one is an green pepper corn sauce and the dark on is a red wine sauce reduction. Both were amazing but here is where me and Asif argue. To me the pepper corn is my favorite I am going to look up a recipe to try to make some at home. Asif favorite was the red wine one it reminded him more of steak sauce.

However after a fantastic main course the next final test is the dessert section.


I ordered their brownie with french vanilla ice cream. OMG this dessert was amazing you love chocolate this is the dessert I highly recommend. The Brownie was nice and warm and extremely soft the ice cream was heavenly. Girls this is our dessert it was like I have died and gone to chocolate heaven!

Asif isn’t a chocolate person I rule it as a guy thing.  So he ordered their Caramel banana Brûlée!


This dessert was fantastic he loved it! He even demanding me to learn how to make it as he is already talking about going back for the dessert. If your needing something sweet at the end of the meal and not a huge chocolate lover this is an excellent alternative. I took a bite it was tasty. This would be an excellent end to a excellent meal.

10547083_654141698000289_168865081_n 10488584_694826070587849_2071981724_n

Ending our meal we decided to drink come chai/tea. We ended up picking the Earl Grey it was a black tea which we added sugar and some milk. The tea was actually pretty nice and an excellent end to a nice romantic dinner.

So if your looking for an excellent place in our case for Iftar or just something with a nice romantic vibe I would highly recommend them. Specially with the weather becoming colder soon they have a nice outside section which would be amazing too sit outside too as for the view is breathe taken.

To get in touch with them for reservations here is there information

Phone02 678 3344 Website


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Broccoli Casserole recipe



Broccoli casserole is my all time favorite. Here is my family little recipe its easy to make here is the list you will need


Broccoli 1 pack of frozen is good


1 can of Cream of mushroom soup

images (1)

1 egg


About 12 ritz crackers crushed



Steps to make this easy dish are simple…………………

1- wash the broccoli and put into a oven safe container and preheat your oven to 180.

2- open the can of mushroom cream soup *Dont add water* and add your egg & mix good

3- pour the soup mixture over the broccoli in the container.

4- Add the pack of cheese here you can either use the whole packet or what you prefer

5- you need to take your ritz crackers and crush them up in a bag

6- Spread the crackers over the the broccoli and soup mix.

7- Then put into the oven for about 30-45 minutes


Make sure to keep an eye on the top to make sure you don’t burn your bread crumbs you want to keep them light and toasted.

This dish is an excellent side item to any party dinner.

Happy eating!!

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