Kangar Pet Shop FZCO Silicon Oasis


This is a an excellent place to go and get your fur babies groomed!!

They are located in Silicon Oasis.


This is my little fur-baby Nadia Maria. As you can tell she was a little rough and needed a nice grooming. Hard to find a good and fair price place to get her groomed. Everybody wants 200 AED it seems for a hair cut, nails, and bath.

When I called the guy was nice enough to inform me of a groupon coupon I could still buy to save me money. They were awesome! So needless to say I got off the phone and ordered my coupon even if it was for a middle size her grooming went from like 180 to 99 AED.

The guys were super friendly even though Nadia lets face it she old so anytime she gets scared you have to watch out it comes out both ends. They laughed and did an excellent job in calming her back down.


She like a new puppy again :) hard to believe she is 11 years old. I loved the way the guys gave her haircut she like my mini lion.


So this place has one happy momma and baby!

So would I recommend this place yes!!! These guys all seem to love animals and they have some cute ones for sale if Nadia wasn’t already so spoiled I might have bought a second one but as for she is my number 1 love ranking higher then the hubby ;) its best not to give him anymore competition. However, on a serious note I plan to be back as for I trust them to take good care of my little Nadia.

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Sadaf Al Rigga


Sadaf is a pretty well known food place here in Dubai. The decor is elegant and apparently they have a buffet which we didn’t try at this branch.


We decided we would go more with a romantic theme dinner then to do the buffet.


They give you the typical lentil soup which was nice. Not too salty just the right amount to get your taste buds started.


They also offer you a nice small salad before your main course  comes that has lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and a slice of lemon.

We order as an appetizers the vine leaves which is one of my favorites.


The vine leaves where EXCELLENT. They had a good vinegar taste but not too much where that is all you can taste.

 Asif orders a pulao dish which is an typical Arabic dish that has kebas and rice.


The rice was long grains which is something Asif loves and the kebabs were packed with flavor. To him this was a slice of heaven.

However, I ordered something different. I was feeling the urge for shrimp. So I ordered a shrimp dish that came with rice.


However, to me I wasn’t wowed with the taste. I am thinking next time to stick with the shrimp Biryani as for to me the shrimp was a huge let down in my books. You only get 6 looks more in the picture but they have been cut butterfly opened before grilling.

Service was good however my food which wasn’t buffet it just didn’t wow me. For the price we paid I could have had better food in my book. I think next time I will check the buffet but as for the menu items I dont find this place worth the money.

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Cafe Aisha My Favorite Place in International City!!


I seriously love this place!! I should blame them for the weight I have gained since living in Dubai.

Normally I am totally smitten with their beef biryani I can not brag about how much I love their food enough to people. The biryani is super spicy and the guys there just really know how to make a girl like me happy. Anyways I decided to order take away due to being busy and lets face it I didn’t want to leave my pajamas perks of working from home.

I decided I need to try an adventure out with their menu I know its hard I am one of those people if I like something and its close to perfection I don’t change I am like old faithful with certain places.

Anyways I decided I would try the chili chicken as for I follow them on facebook and well the images look fantastic!!!


The chili chicken literally makes the heaven sing for me. Its amazing!! It contains onions, bell pepper, chicken, and there special chili sauce.  I wish the portion was bigger when I ordered as for Asif little dirty fingers stole half my order as he also loved it!

To me rice gets kind of old so I needed something to partner this dish with so naturally I decided I would order there noodles.


If you like noodles you will defiantly enjoy the noodles they serve. They weren’t too spicy so for me they could add a little more heat. However this item was a perfect blend for my chili chicken.


I know my plate looks like perfection!! So if your looking for something spicy to help curb your Chinese cravings I would order these two items hands down!!

Asif decided to order there chicken fried rice


However, when everything was said and done he wished he would have duplicated my order. Noodles and chili chicken from Cafe Aisha is like a little slice of heaven.

So if your looking for a good place to eat or get delivery I HIGHLY recommend them as I eat here at-least once a week. Poor staff know me by name. Don’t forget they have their biryani rewards card system. Need help scoring free food? After so many visits you get a free biryani what could be better then free food besides yummy free food?

Happy Eating!!

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Karachi Darbar Dubai



I ordered take away the other day because lets face it I am like the world’s laziest cook.

Anyways our order came with a nice small salad and yogurt.

10597501_693801064019599_252555905_a 10597469_1535901416629165_2085291922_a

Decent amount of onions, cucumbers, and carrots to be a little healthy snack before eating or just good to mix inside your main course.

We ordered two different items so we could try something different we ordered the chili chicken and daal fry.

10593512_1458423674444153_682526398_a 10518292_603273989790064_382233438_a

Chicken chili had more of a sweet taste then a spicy taste. It was an ok dish nothing that was super wow I would have too eat it again. I did however enjoy the daal it was a little more spicier and just over all a lot more tasty in my book. So if your like me and love something spicy the daal defiantly has a good pepper taste to it so be prepared the nose might start running or in my hubby case his bald head starts to sweats.

Our main course we had the option in ordering rice or roti.


We decided we would go with the roti its slightly healthier then rice plus living with Asif we tend to eat rice almost daily so this was a nice change. The roti was a decent size and very fluffy. Normally most places the roti are so small you need like 10 just to finish two things of curry. But here we had 3 pieces and it did just fine so the size is pretty decent.

Customer service over the phone was good and the delivery guy was nice. So if your looking for a decent price Indian/Pakistani place to order from this place is defiantly a place to check out. However, not too fond of the chili chicken but the daal is defiantly worth trying and they have some other good dishes.

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Daniel Restaurant Diera Dubai




Daniel Restaurant is located in the Twin Towers in Diera Dubai UAE

This is a nice decent size buffet for the price. The have a huge salad section one of the largest one I have seen. They also have a nice snack/kid section. The kid section is finger foods like sharwma, samosas, and pizza.


Main course literally contains a little of everything. You have your seafood section where you can have crab, fish, shrimp, and calamari. The other section is more Asian and Italian themed it offers kebabs, pastas, and curries.


Me and Asif decided to try the soup as a way to start off our dinner. They offered an vegetable soup which is what you see above in this picture. However, when I am thinking vegetables I am thinking carrots, celery, and ect. The soup is more of a spinach & daal soup. Not bad but not vegetable soup I am use too having.

10597464_561305543975727_952392240_a 10598691_332933870196154_639460562_a

After the soup I decided I wanted to try the salad section. Naturally I tried the hummus it was good a nice semi sweet taste. I loved there cheese samosas and vine leaves. The coleslaw was a little bland in flavor in my book. Asif on the other hand decided to jump straight to the main course. His major complaint was the biryani was cold on the buffet.

10598653_704528956299763_675877726_a 10597352_684715308272406_795724893_a

Me I decided to stick with the kebabs and bread instead of anything rice related. The pizza was nice its pizza hard to mess that up in my books. The kebabs were nice but a little bland it needs more seasoning as they were pretty boring. Asif Second plate he loves the kebabs and some curry that was on the buffet that night.

However, after we were done being fat kids with the main course I decided I would enjoy the sweet stuff while Asif would end his dinner on a semi diabetic friendly manner with just fruit.

915678_1464291427170670_1151733961_a 929177_297456800436560_2098273287_a

The chocolate cake was dry which tends to happen a lot which this kind of cake. Maybe they should switch to vanilla with chocolate icing to help the cake not dry out so much. The Arabic sweets were fantastic so I would advise to stick with them over the cake.

As for looks the place is pretty roomy and does tend to get kind of crowded. By our waitress was super friendly when we went I would recommend trying this place but they need to upgrade a few sections to ensure hot food I don’t want to pay a decent price for cold food.

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Forever Red By Bath & body works



“Forever Red was created by Honorine Blanc who stated that she was inspired by young, contemporary woman who wanted to taste something new. The red connotation of the fragrance is inscribed in its DNA, says Honorine, while pointing out that her wish was to create an ultra feminine fragrance which is luxurious, sensual and full of love. Top quality ingredients affect a variety of aromas in this fragrance. Unusual ingredients were selected to describe the red color effect and to awaken passions”.

This fragrance is truly becoming one of my favorites to wear. It has a nice fruity blend of pomegranate, peach and apple. The perfume also has a nice woody smell, hint of rum-vanilla, red osmanthus, and blooming marigold.

If your looking for an excellent fragrance for yourself or someone special this is defiantly an excellent choice. I would highly recommend this product to everybody.

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Mister Baker’s


Well my birthday was last week :)

Turned the BIG 30!!

Anyways everybody knows the most important part of all birthdays isn’t just the gifts but the cake.

Asif took me to Mister Baker’s one of the best places to buy a cake from if your in the UAE. The have multiple locations all over the place so you know they must be doing something right.

IMG_20140808_233042 (1)

This little box symbolizes pure happiness or at least my happiness.

Here they have cakes starting about 80 AED and going up depending how big you need your cake. Well since his brother is back home its just use so decided we didn’t need a big cake as for Asif is diabetic and well the bigger the cake the more both of us would eat which is defiantly not a good thing.

Here they give you a nice option to buy slices of cakes for 7-14AED. Naturally if you do the math its cheaper for two of us to just buy slices and we get different flavors instead of just one.


Naturally we decided to get 4 kinds and just half each so we both could try all the flavors.

First one was their Butterscotch cake.


Second one was their Nougat cake

IMG_20140808_233205 (1)

Third was Almond cake

IMG_20140808_233249 (2)

Fourth and last was called Black & White Forest.


Hard for me to decide which one was my favorite. They were all AMAZING!!

However, Asif who isn’t a sweet tooth like myself he says the Black & White Forest was the best out of all 4 cakes. I am 100% sure you will love the cakes as they are super moist and fresh. So if your looking for a place to buy a cake or just need something to fix your sweet craving I recommend trying this place out!

Happy Eating!

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