Rainbow Steak House Dubai UAE



My husband Asif and his brother Tabish got the pleasure in going to Rainbow Steakhouse Friday here in Dubai. I have always seen the place and always added it to our bucket list of places to check out.

First off this place is a buffet :)


The salad bar had a nice portion and tons of good options. I always say you can judge an place by the salad bad if the salad bar is lacking then probably the rest of the meal wont be up to par. Rest assured the salad bar is fantastic looking. Both my boys decided to not focus so much on the salad part of the meal because this place was like Christmas for them.

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I say it’s like Christmas due to me having to work and my phone going off with the fact they had kebabs. I know living with two guys we tend to go crazy over kebabs specially since they are on a lets eat lots of protein kick. My husband is super picky when it comes to places hint why I have a hard time getting him to try new places. However, he loved the kebabs and the lamb. The lamb was nice and tender not too dry. Even my borther in law Tabish was loving the meats and seafood options they had on the bar.


This is probably my husband favorite it was shrimp covered in a cheese like sauce. He literally went crazy over this and had 2 servings as he was in love with the cooks creation.


Again the lamb was nice and moist defiantly worth trying if your like myself an a big lamb lover.


Here is one of their plates they were so excited and being fatty’s they forgot to take more pictures of the food. However they both swore to me if they ate here all the time they could easily gain 50KG due to all the amazing food.

My favorite part is the dessert however since Asif is diabetic he didn’t go too crazy over board.

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He did have some fruit and some of the Gulab Jamun which is mine and his favorite Pakistani/Indian desserts.

Customer service was A++++++ my husband was super impressed with the service they got. The server was super friendly and even brought different dishes for them to try. They won me over just due to the fact how impressed and happy my family was after having lunch.

I know here in Dubai its hard to find an decent buffet that the food is amazing and doesn’t hurt the wallet so much. So if your looking for an excellent place to go have dinner for a date or even just an nice family meal so the wife doesn’t have to cook my husband highly recommends trying this place and we will all be back as I look forward to also trying the food.

As my boys say HAPPY EATING <3

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Green Coffee Bean Extract – w SVETOL(R) Premium Authentic Review




I been on a serious kick to becoming healthy. So I got the chance to try this product from life and food called Green Gold.

Pill wise they are average size nothing too major unless you have issues with taking pills. Anyways this stuff seems to actually allow me to lose weight. Regardless I cut my cokes out while taking this pill and doing more healthy smoothies in between cheating here and there but it should be expected as a foodie.

My sugar level has always been good I would be interested to have Asif try it but he is on so much medicine now for blood pressure and his diabetes  I don’t know if I should rock the boat since his sugar been level and low currently.

However, if your looking in something to help jump start your weight-loss goals these actually work pretty decent for me and I have PCOS which makes weight-loss a big challenge on my end.

You can actually order this product off Amazon and not even deal with the headache of trying to find the product within the stores.


Good luck on your weight-loss journey!!!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Ebook – Green Smoothies: The Weight Loss & Detox Secret Review



The weather is changing all over the world. This year I decided I would try to cut out some of the yummy fatty foods and try to substitute a smoothie here and there too help keep the winter weight from getting too crazy.

I got the opportunity to read this book free from Amazon  through Tomoson :)

I am excited to say the writer personally took a lot of time and seems extremely knowledgeable on healthy choices. I have tried a few of the smoothies and I must say not too shabby!!!

This little book is also going to help me lose some weight and make sure that my winter weight doesn’t get too out of control but also help me substitute one of the hubby meals to help keep him in check.

Everybody who knows us knows my hubby is diabetic yet he is a foodie and well naturally stubborn so he bad foodie a lot while trying too eat healthy. Now he tried a few and currently on board to starting off with 2 smoothies a week for meal replacements.

So if your looking for an author who apparently knows his green smoothies look no further then the Green Smoothie by Johnathan Vine.

To order this amazing book here is the link :)


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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Applebees Dubai UAE


Applebee’s is like me and my girlfriends favorite place when I am home. What’s better then happy hour? Half prize appetizers and drinks its like a little slice of heaven for girl time where we can drink, eat, and just gossip about our hubby’s for the night.


Anyways this is another popular American Restaurant here in Dubai. We started with my all-time favorite the boneless buffalo hot wings. I know some are already thinking I should get the ones with the bones. But who has time for that headache when i can just enjoy the wings.

We both order the fiesta lime chicken my most over order item from this place but I guess I love it way too much.


The meal comes with Mexican rice which is something I personally love. However Asif my food partner isn’t fond of the small rice grains so from his perspective its OK not super wow but who take someone serious who doesn’t like Mexican rice makes me think he is CRAZY :)

The chicken is grilled then they add this amazing sauce and cover it with my favorite item in the whole world CHEESE!

The sauce and the cheese is just like a little slice of heaven the texture and the combination are just amazing. If you cant get to an Mexican place this is an excellent way to kill all your Mexican food craving.

However, if you haven’t check this place out yet I highly recommend making it an plan to have for dinner this week.

Happy Eating!!

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El Chico’s Mexican Restaurant



I absolutely love Mexican food!!! I was so excited to learn El Chico’s was in JBR. This place is my all time favorite back in Tennessee. Asif got to try this place out for the first time which was super exciting and its are to go-to place for Mexican food.


Here they give you unlimited chips and salsa :)


If your like me the salsa is great but the cheese dip or bean-dip is where the angels who sing are at when it comes to this place.


I am a cheese lover!!!!!!!!!!!

The dip I could live off daily but I am sure i did that I would weigh even more. But makes for an excellent appetizer if you love cheese this stuff is literally the bomb!!

We order what we call the Mucho-lunch back home. It comes with a cheese enchilada, beef enchilada, rice, beans and a side  taco. Back home its all you can eat which I personally call it as a fat-man buffet. There your items are unlimited so literally its a buffet of food and hint the fat-man because I can be so lazy I don’t even have to walk the waitress brings it to me.


The enchilada’s are AMAZING!!!!!! Dubai prices are a lot more higher then back home in the states where Mexican food is like the Indian food here literally everywhere. However, your wanting to get a good feel of American-Mexican food this is the place to here in JBR.


Also what kind of Mexican foodie would I be if I didnt enjoy my drink :)

Like I said this our to-go place for Mexican back in the states and also here in Dubai we love EL Chico’s!!!

The best part of this place is I been here numerous times back home and here in UAE they have an excellent outside section with the weather getting amazing in Dubai might want to check there outside section.

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Carolina Ale House


10601963_1459028041048687_273094897_a (1)

Got the pleasure in trying this place out with some friends minus my food crime partner Asif. Since he was in Pakistan and well the foodie was also off her leash and naturally will sometimes run wild if the hubby isn’t here to stop her from spending money :)


We decided we were going to start this meal off the only way us foodies truly know how and that is by ordering an sampler appetizer so we can taste a few items. Our sampler platter came with cheese sticks, fried pickles, chicken strips, and wings. My two favorite was the wings even though it wasn’t spicy and we ordered hot and fried pickles. Fried pickles are like an AMAZING appetizer for any southern person from the states if you hate fried pickles might as well move up north ;)


I ordered the chicken Cesar salad. The portion was super nice however they did burn my chicken in some places all I could taste was charcoal so I was disappointed in my chicken. The Cesar dressing was nice not too fishy tasting defiantly one of my top Cesar dressings I have tasted however the burnt chicken was what killed this for me.


My friend Evan ordered the salmon tacos. He absolutely loved them and raved about them not sure if they were just amazing or if he was rubbing in the fact my salad was a disappointment.


My last friend who was with me ordered an steak, mash potatoes, and mixed veggies even though it should be more like mixed greens as they had no other colorful veggies in the mix. I did steal a nice bite of the steak it was super juicy and tendered I almost wish I would have had the steak. Potatoes looked ok from what I remember i think they leave the skin in the potatoes.

Lastly finishing the meal with a little bit of fruit.


Overall our waitress was super nice and amazing. Price wise is about average with American places like this so it wasnt super cheap or super expensive.

I do recommend going to trying this place out as this place is more of a bar like setting and they do have drink specials so its defiantly worth checking out for a beer or two.

Happy Eating!!

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Atkins health bars Reviews



Everybody who knows me can state I am not a fan of any diet food or even that word unless I am on a see-food diet. Atkins is a well known company who sells pretty much everything to help fluffy people like me lose a little weight.

My favorite out of my starter kit was naturally the Triple Chocolate Bar!!! What normal girl could hate anything chocolate let alone triple chocolate :)

The peanut butter one was also nice strong peanut butter taste so its almost as good as having the bad stuff. However,  my least favorite was the chocolate and nugget one. I was expecting something wow after the triple chocolate one.

However, if your looking for a semi healthy sweet snack to help curb your munchies I would defiantly recommend the triple chocolate as I personally plan to go buy some.

If you wish to get your free sample kit :) USA link below for outside the states check out their international website



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